No matter how plentiful your budget may be, there are always ways to save. Trim your budget without sacrificing your vision by using these alternatives to expensive blooms.



Double-Flowering Tulip
$6 per stem $2 per stem
This beautiful blossom is a statement piece and a favorite for many brides because of its texture and depth, but it's undoubtedly pricey even in season. The double-flowering tulip is a great, cheaper alternative to the peony because it has the same texture and depth with unfolding layers.


$20 per stem $3 per stem
While these blooms are popular for their texture and scent, even brides with plentiful budgets have to be careful using gardenias. It may not have the waxy appearance of the gardenia, but a classic white rose has a very similar bud.

Lily of the Valley

Baby's Breath
$10 per stem $16 per bunch
This delicate bell-shaped flower is a great filler flower that adds bulk to an arrangement or bouquet. Lily of the Valley is sold in single stalks that can add up quickly. Baby's breath is another popular filler-flower. Although the price appears daunting, it comes in bunches rather than single stems.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid
$50 per stem $3 per stem
These beautiful orchids are rich in color and hold multiple blooms per double-stem stalk. Unfortunately, this type of orchid comes with a high price. They might not look as regal as the high-end orchids, but the dendrobium orchids come in many species, providing endless options in color and shape.


Chrysanthemum (Mums)
$8 per stem $2 per stem
This globe-shaped flower with petals galore creates volume and texture in any arrangement. These ball-shaped blooms come in many assortments and colors, allowing more blooms for less money.

Calla Lily

Star of Bethlehem
$5 per stem $4 per stem
This large trumpet-shaped flower is completely one-of-a-kind. It creates a modern, sophisticated vibe that's guaranteed to be noticed by guests. This bloom has the appearance of a lily and even comes in pure white. It would make any arrangement equally as striking without breaking the bank.