Arkansas Wedding Videography: Bekah Caraway & Clark Johnson of Little Rock


Grant L. Harrison

Bekah Caraway & Clark Johnson
April 26, 2014 • Calvary Baptist Church and Pavilion in the Park, Little Rock

Get a look at the beautiful wedding of Bekah Caraway and Clark Johnson from Kimberly K/Cinéma Verite out of Little Rock below:

Clark & Bekah "Love is in the Air" from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo


Bekah and Clark met at college. They had mutual friends for a long time, but their senior year, Clark took an interest in Bekah. And why not? She was beautiful, witty and practically skilled in everything. He invited her to go to Wendy's with him one night. Bekah thought this was a date, but Clark didn't buy her anything in the drive-thru, so she was confused. They continued to hang out, thinking this was just a senior year fling.

But they enjoyed each other's company so much that they began dating, and it eventually turned serious (5 years later). 


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