Hydra Lounge by Natural State

When most people hear IV therapy, they think hangover cures and post-stomach flu recovery. And those are in fact great reasons to do the drip. But did you know there are so many more incredible benefits to hydration therapy via IV? Arkansas’ Hydra Lounge by Natural State does and is bringing this service to the masses.

Take note brides, Hydra Lounge by Natural State has a menu full of IV infusions boosting energy, immunity, recovery, beauty, brainpower, sleep and stress-relief—all things important to brides-to-be.

Plus, Hydra Lounge by Natural State party services and mobile IV are perfect to bookend your bachelorette party or wedding reception so you can celebrate without consequence. Here are seven ways to take advantage of hydration therapy at Hydra Lounge by Natural State:

  1. Squash a hangover.
  2. Hydration!
  3. Skincare: When you’re super hydrated your skin looks better!
  4. Boost energy by replenishing vitamins and minerals.
  5. Prevent illness: No one wants to be sick at their wedding (nor any wedding event!)
  6. Certain minerals in the IV treatments are known to reduce anxiety…
  7. …and promote better sleep

Book it for 50% off of all bridal trial services for our Arkansas brides-to-be!

Book it: (501) 817-2488

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