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You’re a bride now. And we couldn’t be happier for you!

Even though the bling is brand new, we know the wedding plans are already swirling. It’s time to get organized and figure out a starting point. That’s where we come in.

The girls at Arkansas Bride have crafted a handy little tool to make your planning easier and keep you on track. 

Now that you’re all signed up, we’ll be sending you a reminder email with a cheat sheet of things to do each month before your wedding. Just consider us your free wedding assistants! 

We can’t wait any longer. Let’s get started right now.

Here we go… 

1. Announce your engagement on social media.

2. Get organized. Print out the planning sheets in our Bridal Toolbox:

3. Have the money talk with your fiancé, your parents and the groom’s parents to determine who plans to contribute to the budget.

4. Get inspired. Start collecting bridal magazines, pinning on Pinterest and perusing