What to do first? Wait...

If your wedding date is TBD or more than 15 months away, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s sort of an Arkansas thing. Arkansas brides revealed “15+ months” was their average length of engagement in a recent poll, and the current national average is 14.5 months.

The takeaway? Arkansas brides want a lot more time to perfect their wedding plans than ever before — and here’s where you should start:

First…  Wait to set a date.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait. What?” but trust us on this one. The most popular Arkansas venues and photographers book up six months to a year in advance. Weekends in March, May and June are among the first to be snatched up, as those are the three most popular months for weddings in Arkansas.

Our advice? First, research when the venue(s) and photographer(s) you want are available, and choose a date from a list of their availabilities.

If you must narrow down the dates, we suggest creating a window of time the wedding must take place within, as opposed to one set date, to ensure you can have all the vendors of your dreams.

Second...  Have the money talk.

Discuss money with your fiancé and your families. Keep in mind that just because something is “tradition,” doesn’t mean your relatives or future in-laws will be able to (or want to) contribute.




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