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It's time for hair and makeup run-throughs!

We know you probably have a billion screenshots from Instagram, Pinterest and various wedding blogs taking up precious space on your cell phone. You know what you want. But just like buying your dream car, you’re going to want to do a test drive.

A screenshot may not translate for your hair type and a certain dark lip may look better on that Insta model than your skin tone — that’s what the run-throughs are for! There are a few important details to keep in mind: 

  • Figure out price beforehand. Sometimes, wedding hair trials cost as much as the real thing. Other times, hair trials come free but with a catch — you have to book that day. Look into the fine print so you’re not pressured into a split decision.

  • Bring accessories you’ll want to include in your wedding hair. You’ll thank us later.

  • Try to book your makeup and hair trials on the same day. That way, you’ll know exactly how they look together before the big day.

  • Pay attention to how your trial style holds up in the hours after you leave the chair. If your curls fell quickly, ask your stylist to use more hairspray/product to elongate your ’do. 

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