Change your name!

The wedding and honeymoon are over and now you get to bask in being a new Mrs. Feels good, huh? In order for all your legal info to change along with you, you’ll need to legally change your name. That includes your social security card, driver’s license, and passport. It may sound like a lot to tackle all at once (all the paperwork!), but there are websites like that help make the process virtually pain-free. For more details on the process, click here. 

Here are a few more things to check off your list post-nuptials: 

  • Make sure to send out your thank-you notes in a timely fashion (pretty soon after the honeymoon is over).

  • Order your wedding album.

  • Return or exchange any unwanted gifts.

  • Purchase any gifts you didn’t receive (and still want).

  • Take down your wedding website/registry.

  • Return any items you bought for your wedding and didn’t use.

  • Do something with all your wedding décor. Whether you decide to repurpose, sell or throw away, you won’t want all that clutter around post-wedding.

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