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WHAT IS A STYLED SHOOT: A styled shoot simulates the decor of a wedding or wedding event in a specific theme or color story. Wedding vendors partner up to create a unique setting and often hire models to pose within the scene they’ve created. A styled shoot creates an opportunity for vendors to demonstrate their talents and creativity with complete control.

WHO CAN SUBMIT A STYLED SHOOT: Any of the vendors involved with creating the styled shoot are able to submit. Usually the photographer takes the lead and submits on behalf of the others, but that is not a rule. Brides generally are not involved with styled shoots.

HOW TO SUBMIT:Please submit your photos via a link and password/download pin to a downloadable gallery- without an expiration date. Gallery links not allowing downloads or those with low resolution or watermarked images will not be considered. This will allow the team to review quickly and download what they need (if chosen). CDs, dropbox albums and USBs will not be considered. Photos should already be fully edited and ready for publication at the time of submitting. There will not be time to send photos back to the photographer to touch up before publishing.

WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED: A variety of shots is preferable. The more photos the better (50-200 is sufficient). While we are interested in some model shots, we prefer to have a majority of detail shots of the decor, setting, florals, gown, food, paperie, etc. For more direction, look to our previous issue’s Styled Shoot features.

THE DEADLINES TO SUBMIT: Submission deadlines are always in March and August each year. Formal dates are set in early February for the March deadline and in late July for the August deadline. Email or check our social media at that time for dates.

One more thing… The photographer and vendors agree that by submitting photos to Arkansas Bride, the editors reserve the right to publish the photos in print and online without needing to gain further consent for each future use.

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