2023 Wedding Color Trends

by Abigail Fowler Designs

As wedding season is slowly approaching in the coming weeks, everyone in the industry has begun to sift through their orders and emails to notice the trends of the year. In terms of color, let me tell you, 2023 is in for a wild ride.

Marissa Nichole Photo

Even a hermit could recognize that the post-pandemic-lockdown world is thriving with events. This translates to bright, bold colors and creative ideas. There is a reason the "Barbie" movie soft-launched photos a year in advance for pre-hype. We’re simply gaga for color! As you might have seen from the newest issue of Arkansas Bride (check it out if you haven’t), pink is bubbling over the pages of our most notable weddings in Arkansas. We may see a new “it” color by the fall, but there is no denying that half of the weddings you attend will be vibrant as can be.

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

An unexpected flip side to that coin is black-and-white weddings. You read that right. Half of the weddings we’re seeing are as colorful as a Bollywood masterpiecebut the other half are stripped of all saturation. To tie in with pop culture, the Wednesday series on Netflix (341.23M hours viewed in its first few days) outperformed Disney+’s Hocus Pocus 2 (45.5M hours viewed in first few days) to a spellbinding amount. Why? Because niche aesthetics are polling better than nostalgia. This year’s niche aesthetic is definitely "classy goth girl vibes." No matter what your thoughts are on the show, you can’t deny that the dress Wednesday wears in the dance scene is one you wish would magically appear in your closet. It reflects our desire for classy, timeless design cuts with a dark aesthetic.

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During the pandemic, you were either on Team Neutral or Team Pastel as we bulk-ordered sweats à la Billie Eilish and learned the definition of a “micro-wedding.” However, much like the quarantine, it’s so far in the out column that we don’t want anything to remind us of it.

In my opinion, the 2023 color trends of “Bollywood Bold Colors” or “Metallica Meets La Llorona" (the song- not the movie) are our way of rebelling against anything related to lockdown. This year, we want rich hues on full blast whether it be Barbie World or Paint it Black style. Either way, couples have been requesting the most amount of ink on their stationery pieces for the highest amount of contrast. I don’t think I’ve designed anything in beige or charcoal for the past 6 months in the wedding world. “Wine tones” has been out of my vocabulary for at least a year now.

Only time will tell if these trends hold true or if y’all shock me with another 180. What are your thoughts?

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Abigail Fowler is a wedding graphic designer based in Arkadelphia. She specializes in designing for your special day and, additionally, transferring those designs into home décor and drinkware so you can keep memories of your special day throughout your abode. After graduating in 2016 from Ouachita Baptist University with a triple major in graphic design, mass communications, and French; she moved to NYC to work as a remote editorial designer for Glass Magazine (based in London) as well as become Marketing and Creative Director for QG Floral, a New York City-based luxury flower/landscaping company, for 2 years before returning to the Natural State to build a multidepartment design firm. Abigail is currently attending Harvard University for a master’s in museum studies with an emphasis on art history and experiential marketing. Her firm has 4 departments: weddings, photography, retail, and corporate design (mainly focused on luxury and fashion).

Feel free to contact her for your wedding stationery and design needs at: weddings@abigailfowlerdesigns.com or visit abigailfowlerweddings.com

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