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April 7, 2022 | Osage House | Marissa Nichole Photography

Tori and CB met during their fall semester of senior year of high school through Rogers Fellowship Bible Church. They signed up to go on the same mission trip to Costa Rica and became instant best friends. As CB planned to propose to Tori, he orchestrated a series of dates and told her to be prepared for each date, because it could be the one where he proposed. Every date night, she got dressed up in her pink Amanda Uprichard dress and zebra mule heels and waited for him to get down on one knee. The night he proposed, Tori was convinced he wouldn’t do it–but at their usual meet-up spot at the Village on the Creek, he popped the questions.

Marissa Nichole Photography

Q & A

Q: What inspired your décor?

“I knew from the beginning that I was going to have streamers and that was going to be the focal point so I wanted to make sure that everything else was kind of an accessory and complimented it,” Tori said. “For florals, I wanted them to speak but not shout so I wanted to have them be very clean and pristine, especially my bouquet. My bouquet was beautiful but I wanted the focus to be on my dress and myself so a classic bouquet of white roses with their stems perfectly straight was the goal. Then the flowers in the reception were thoughtfully picked and colorful but not overboard.”

Q: Wedding colors?

“My wedding colors were pink, orange, and red. I chose this combination because pink is my absolute favorite color and somewhat my personality,” Tori said. “I knew I wanted pink to be sprinkled all over our wedding day because it just made sense and orange and red looked fabulous alongside it especially for my bridesmaids while I was picking their dresses and it just had to happen.

Q: Must-have music?

“The music was a big deal to not only my husband and I but to my family,” Tori said. “Music has always provided my family a space to dance and smile almost at times to make us smile when needed. So it was almost necessary that we have a playlist that could make each and every guest smile there and not just my generation…Our guests from the start played such a big role in the wedding planning process because they are not only the people we care about but also I wanted to please them. When I was looking for a DJ I knew I needed someone that I matched with because they would hear and see my vision. I needed someone fun and loud and personable, not just good at making playlists work. When we hired Ozark DJ Mix, I spoke with our DJ Russ and let him in on the vision and how the playlist is everything.”

Marissa Nichole Photography

Q: What is your secret to wedding planning success?

“We did not hire a wedding planner because I knew I wanted to do it myself and with so much help from my mom,” Tori said. “You hear so much about how planning is stressful and can bring the joy out of the day if done yourself but it was so the opposite for me. My secret to wedding planning success is to make sure you are doing everything you want. Not what your mom, family and friends want. Talk with your fiance about the vision you both dream of. It's the 21st century, do anything and everything you want and be different. Anything is possible even if it has never been seen or done before.”

Q: Most worth-it wedding splurge?

“The streamers and disco balls, of course,” Tori said. “They brought everything together and were the whole focal point, besides my husband and I, for the whole day. They were so fabulous to look at too. The colors were everything and the lights on the disco balls radiated onto everyone and everything. This made the pictures absolutely stunning and really helped to fill up the room.”

Q: Favorite moment of the wedding?

“One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was walking down the aisle with my sweet dad and him telling me to slow down and just look around me,” Tori said. “These people next to me cared about us so much and he wanted to make sure I was able to breathe for a second and take it in. Also, when my husband sobbed…that was the most special feeling to see how much someone loves you.”


Tori asked her bridesmaids to wear unconventional dresses of their choosing so they felt their most confident come wedding day.

Marissa Nichole Photography


Tori and CB decided to ditch the first look, opting for seeing one another for the first time when she walked down the aisle. 


Venue: Osage House; Tuxedos: She Said Yes Bridal

Marissa Nichole Photography


Photography: Marissa Nichole Photography; Day-of coordinator: Erin Wiltse; Florist: The bride; Lighting, streamers, disco balls: Lightworks Events; Catering: Catering Unlimited; Bar service: BenAlly Beverage; Cake: Harps Local Bakery; Ceremony music: Cello by Austin Hinrichs; Reception music: OzarkDjMix; Dance floor: Dancenhance; Linens: Randal Events; Other streamers: Confetti NWA; Wedding dress: Violets Bridal; Rings: Lyles Jewelry; Makeup: ArikasBeautyPage, Arika Clifton

Marissa Nichole Photography